Bringing Your Personal Style to 2023 Interior Design Trends

M. James Design Group, an Austin interior design firm, explains how to embrace 2023 interior design trends without sacrificing personal style.

While it’s fun to keep up with new trends, our goal is to create a home that’s uniquely personal

As we enter the new year, our Austin interior design firm is buzzing with new projects, exciting goals, and incoming client questions on 2023 interior design trends. While reading up on the latest home trends is fun, we’ve never thought of ourselves as trend followers. If anything, we aim to stay ahead of the curve or ignore trends altogether. More often than not, once a movement garners mainstream attention, it’s on the way out the door. However, that’s not to say there isn’t anything to be gained from noting or even adopting new design trends. Just remember to keep the main goal in mind — create a home that’s personal to you.

We review the direction 2023 interior design trends are taking and ways to bring your personal style to them.



8 Interior Design Trends We’re Seeing in 2023

Rather than tell you “what’s in and what’s out,” we felt it would be more beneficial to share the shifts we’re seeing in design approaches and moods that you can apply to any style aesthetic, from contemporary to traditional. So here are 8 of the most relevant 2023 interior design trends to watch.

1. Returning to Classic Styles 

This year marks a return to classic styles, including a reignited interest in Art Deco and Regency interiors. We draw inspiration from classic and proven styles in our designs, especially Neoclassic and French Provincial. We’re excited to see others joining in and embracing design history! Classic styles are classic for a reason. They’re tried and true and will remain timeless through the passing trends. 

2. Creating Separate Rooms for Separate Tasks 

Open-concept interiors dominated the 2010s, but homeowners are looking for more separation this decade. Separate rooms designated for separate tasks are coming back, including home offices, drawing rooms, lounges, libraries, and our beloved formal dining room. While you may remember having off-limits rooms in the past, this new take embraces using every space of the home. 

3. Realizing Brown is Not Boring 

The luster of the popular all-white kitchen has started to fade, and people finally realize that brown isn’t so boring after all! We’re embracing rich brown elements like natural wood furniture, brown velvet, and stained wood trim for added richness. 

4. Entertaining is Intimate Again 

In our personal lives, we’ve seen a shift in how people entertain at home. The big, lavish galas (which can be stressful!) are giving way to more intimate dinner party setups. People are getting back into their homes and embracing more personal gatherings both inside the dining room and out on the patio. 

5. Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Out 

We used to have indoor and outdoor living. Now, we have something in between. The two have merged as we create larger openings for our more elaborate patio setups and bring the garden inside with collections of houseplants. In our new Austin home, we catch ourselves floating between our patio for snacks, to the dining room for dinner, and then back out to enjoy the cool Austin nights!

6. Adding Antiques for a Storied Approach 

Antiques add a story to your space, even contemporary ones! Whether it’s a passed-down heirloom, a piece discovered on your travels, or a unique find from an estate sale, antiques bring layered storytelling to the home new items just can’t.  

7. Embracing Smaller Spaces

More of a living trend than a design trend, we’re seeing clients embracing smaller spaces. We even just moved into a smaller residence in Austin ourselves! We’re enjoying the benefits of a cozier feel. However, smaller spaces have their own design considerations. Scale, proportion, and adaptability all gain importance for aesthetics and especially function. 

8. Viewing Home as a Retreat

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve noticed a shift in how people view their homes. Rather than a simple landing spot, people have started seeing their spaces as retreats from the world. From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, homeowners are spending more time at home and want their spaces to evoke relaxation, charm, and personal style.


Personalization: The One Interior Design Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

If you are considering incorporating 2023 interior design trends into your home, remember the one trend that never goes out of style: personalization. Your space should speak to and reflect your own preferences, creating something that is uniquely yours. (Feel free to completely ignore every trend if that’s what you want!) 

How to Add Your Personal Touch to 2023 Interior Design Trends

If you want to jump on board with a home refresh, whether that’s blending your indoor and outdoor spaces or antiquing, you can’t forget to add your personal touch. Here are some tips for unlocking your unique style and incorporating it into your home design.

1. Set the Tone with Color

Paint sets the tone for everything! Think about your favorite colors and how the shades make you feel. Items like paint, pillows, and decor are easy ways to bring in color and add a splash of your own personality.

2. Don’t Get Caught Up in Passing Fads

Keeping up with trends in the home magazines can be a fun pastime. However, don’t get caught up in passing fads you’ll grow tired of down the line. Embrace trends that work within your existing style, and leave the rest behind.

3. Incorporate Personal Items

Channeling your personal style is as easy as incorporating your personal items into the design! Give prominence to special items like heirloom furniture pieces, artwork, and books. Your collections tell your story.

4. Stay True to Your Own Style

Style trends come and go, but your style will stand the test of time. Stay true to what you like, and know that your style may grow and shift over time. A simple rule: If you like it, go for it! It’s your home, and it should reflect every aspect of you.

Remember, home is for the people that reside within. Thanks for reading, and we wish you all the best on your home design journey. — Melinda & John


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